How To Get (A) Fabulous backup your data On A Tight Budge

Back-ups for a tight budget.

You might not have experienced a hard drive failure as yet, but am certain you have had a friend or family that has experienced this. This might have happened after their residence was robbed, flooded or some serious problems that led to loss their computer data.

If you excuse of backing up data is its cost then you need not worry anymore thanks to the fast-evolving technology there are several free and pocket-friendly ways to back up your data. Do not be that person who only hears “I told you so” after you undergo this cruel some loss of your computer files. This article seeks to help you identify how to get a fabulous backup for your data on a tight budget. Some of the backup types are 1-1 while the others are online tailored.

#1. Gladinet

This is one amazing software that enables you to access your cloud storage space as if it were your local drive, you can sync as well as backup your data. With this you mount windows live,, Amazon S3 account, SkyDrive as well Google documents. The software comes two packages free and premium pro versions. I recommend this for the entire family as it’s easy to mount and the premium pro versions are pocket friend with additional features.


This the most used backup plan by many computer users. With CrashPlan, you are able to encrypt your data files before storing them to another pc, online or external backup device. With this backup plan, you are not just saving your data from being lost but also from it getting to the wrong eyes. The services fee fro CrashPlan is approximately the same as that of purchasing a hard drive. Visit for more information on this

#3. One Drive

Those with windows or Microsoft gadgets are familiar with One Drive. With a Windows live account, One Drive gives you 15 to 20 GB of free storage space. You can easily sync your files in conjunction with windows live mesh. If combined with Gladinet from number one you are able to have 200 GB storage space for yourself only at an affordable price of $3.99 per month.

#4. Dropbox

Comes with a free space of 2 GB while signing up as well as an additional of 11 GB immediately after your 2GB referrals to friends to try Dropbox gets you another additional 9 GB. Dropbox is first and very effective in syncing your computer files as well as making their data available in multiple several locations.

#5. Google Drive

This product from Google that was launched a while ago enables you to have 15GB of storage space in the cloud for the free requirement is only having a google mail. With a dollar and 99 cents every month you are able to get 100 Gigabytes or if you are a heavy user you can go for 1 Terabyte at only $9.99 a month!

#6. Amazon Cloud Drive

It’s said when the deal is to sweet think twice! But with Amazon Cloud Drive this is that sweet deal that you don’t have to think twice about. Amazon Cloud Drive gives you a free three months trial in which you are able to store unlimited photo files, 5 Gigabytes of video files. For premium versions, you get an unlimited cloud storage for only $59.99 a year. As whatever music file you get from Amazon doesn’t count in your subscription.

#7. BlackBaze

Blackbalaze cuts it straight to the chase. It gives you unlimited cloud storage space for as little as 3 dollars and ninety-six cents a month for a two-year plan. a month to month arrangement will cost you five dollars every month. This is unlimited as it comes.


Has a 10 to 50 GB free offer of storage space. However, it comes with a file size limitation of 250MB. those that are on premium are privileged with an increased limit of file sizes. Its price goes for 10 dollars for a hundred Gigabytes with limits of 5GB per file size.

This list is not complete by any chance. TherE are more offers for both premium and free versions. The above list only provides for the popular ones.

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